New vinyl release BARE - Pre-order now!

Wonderful Winter News!

We're releasing our first Limited Edition vinyl release "BARE" on the TRPTK label.

"BARE" is an acoustic, raw recording with an extremely pure and dynamic sound. One-take live recordings with nothing more than Jyoti Verhoeff on piano and vocals, and Maya Fridman on cello and vocals.

Keeping in mind the highest auditive fidelity and transparency to display Jyoti Verhoeff’s works in all its purest emotions, this album was recorded using custom-built, state-of-the-art 352.8 kHz 24 bits systems, and cut to vinyl straight from TRPTK’s own studio master in this very resolution.

You can PRE-ORDER right NOW, which is important because this wonderful vinyl is a Limited Edition!

Pick the version of the LP you like and pre-order it from:


A high resolution hug from us <3
Jyoti and Maya