Dark, dreamy and neo-classical sounds lure you into the deep and welcome you in the marvelous land of imagination...

The music of Jyoti Verhoeff is both intriguing and enchanting, almost cinematic in nature – with its many layers, endless amount of subtleties, and organic structures. Music, balancing on the edge of the known, where nothing is predictable anymore yet everything is recognizable.

“Rarely have i heard such an ambitous debut album / Their interplay pushes the boundaries of perfection / A neo-classical, dreamy and dark sound / Amazingly marvelous”OOR music magazine

Jyoti Verhoeff

Jyoti Verhoeff is a singer-songwriter, composer and pianist. At the age of four, she discovered the expressionistic power of the grand piano, while visiting the house of composer Simeon ten Holt, a friend of the family. She started playing by herself at the age of eight when her parents bought her a piano.

Having been born with disabled eye vision, she had to find ways beyond the usual ways of studying music to express her rich inner world through the piano and with her voice. Because of her dedication and unique talent for music she was able to develop a virtuoso piano technique and an authentic, organic and intuitive style of composing.

Her reduced eye vision made her highly sensitive and she has a very accurate and detailed hearing. Jyoti: "Music became a journey to become fully present in every frequency of a note, a growing awareness of an intense and deep way to communicate beyond our common belief structures."

Jyoti Verhoeff was a finalist at Mooie Noten, as well as a finalist at the singer-songwriter competition De Grote Prijs van Nederland 2013.

The debut double album of Jyoti Verhoeff, named RIVEN, was released in June of 2014. Many accomplishments surrounded the release of this album, including a tour with folk icons FAUN, selling out the Paradiso Amsterdam Main Hall, and an audience with astronaut André Kuipers who received the first copy of RIVEN - Full Moon, Dark Moon.

Her music was also featured in the eaxtraordinary award winning film De Nieuwe Wildernis/In Dialoog met de Natuur.

Whether she plays solo, as a duo or with a full orchestra and choir, the intense, captivating songs take the listener on an enchanting journey, after which they are left behind at the shores of the land of the living.


  • SOLD OUT the EP presentation concert in the Melkweg, Amsterdam.
  • Prizewinning artist: Finalist Grote Prijs van Nederland (2013), Finalist Mooie Noten (2013) and Winner of the Best Musician prize in the finals of de Grote Prijs van Nederland (2013).
  • Synchronisation of her compostions to the famous "De Nieuwe Wildernis – In dialoog met de natuur" documentary.
  • Extraordinary music video with original footage of the awarded film "De Nieuwe Wildernis"
  • Album recording in the legendary Wisseloord Studios and mastering by multiple TEC- and Grammy Award winning mastering engineer Darcy Proper.
  • Several tours in Germany as opening act for the famous band FAUN (2013, 2014).
  • First copy of her debut double album RIVEN handed to astronaut André Kuipers.
  • SOLD OUT PARADISO's main hall for the debut album release party, in a phenomenal concert, combining her duo with a whole symphony orchestra and choir (2014).

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“Een neo-klassieke, dromerige en donkere sound / Zelden zo'n ambitieus debuut album gehoord / Het samenspel verkent de grenzen van perfectie / Val van de ene verbazing in de andere.”

OOR muziek magazine

“Jyoti Verhoeff is niet zomaar een singer-songwriter. Noem haar gerust een artiest van wereldformaat. Met die beeldende en verhalende manier brengt ze je vanaf de eerste noot in vervoering.”

Music Maker (5/5 stars)

“De op muziek gezette werkelijkheid van Jyoti Verhoeff klinkt als een droom waarin de natuur wordt vervlochten met het bovennatuurlijke, maar blijft herinneren aan de duisternis waaruit die is ontstaan.”

Written in Music

“Advies: lichten uit, oren op steeltjes, stem op mute.”

Recensies en meer

“Jyoti Verhoeff scheert met celliste Maya Fridman langs het werkveld van artiesten als Bjork, Kate Bush, Enya en Within Temptation. Pop en klassiek komen hier op prachtige wijze samen.”

In de ban van.nl

“The album of Jyoti Verhoeff is beautiful - both musically and sonically, and from what I've just seen, the artwork is also stunning. This will be a breath-taking record and I'm very proud that they've entrusted me with the mastering of it.”

Darcy Proper, multiple TEC- and Grammy awarded mastering engineer

“Jyoti's music is simply magical. It is standing above any musical genre and has the strong ability to lead the listener to an enchanted and timeless place. A place that is always worth to be visited.”

Oliver S. Tyr, FAUN

“Halverwege ontstaan er ineens vanuit het niets meer lagen in de muziek en ritme-veranderingen die abrupt eindigen zodat de stilte oorverdovend wordt en je achterlaat, met een afvragende echo of dat sprookje wat je net hoorde misschien echt gebeurd was of niet...'or did i just jump of a cliff?'”


“Het optreden van de afsluitende Grote Prijs singer/songwriter finaliste Jyoti Verhoeff, met haar partner in crime Maya Fridman, is er een van ongekende schoonheid.”

Indebanvan.nl (about Grote Prijs concert)

“Jyoti hat eine wunderschöne Stimme, die ihren Kompositionen etwas ganz Besonderes, eben nichts Alltägliches, verleiht. Gemeinsam mit Maya am Cello sind die beiden eine tolle Einstimmung für den weiteren Konzertverlauf und werden auch mit entsprechend viel Applaus verabschiedet.”

Powermetal.de (about Batschkapp, Frankfurt concert)