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Dear Friends,

Isn’t it funny how fast Time flies?
For quite a while now I’m working on my new album ‘Touches- I Speak with my Mouth Shut’. And finally the first single will be released soon!!

We recorded the album in a beautiful studio, ‘The Church’. A place filled with acoustic key instruments. Since the idea behind Touches was using only acoustic key instruments, this place was made for it!

Imagine the acoustics of a church, with at your side the most wonderful producer and engineer that you could ever wish for: Fieke van den Hurk…Oooh I had such a good time during the recordings! We got a lot of space to experiment with sound, like taping the strings and using unique microphone settings to create some distortion or using the keys for a drum effect... and so on.

I’m happy to announce that at the end of March, Finally the first single, ‘Human and Machines’, will be released.

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LOVE, Jyoti

Photo: Willem Schalekamp