Whistle Stop Tour

The Whistle Stop Tour ''Noise vs Silence'' begins...

I will be playing at several Dutch NS train stations. Gather around the grand piano located in Meet and Greet area where I will perform several mini-sets featuring music from 2018 release Touches!

This will be an interesting experiment and I am looking forward to find out what will happen if I play my songs of silence in one of the most crowded places  

The first date:

December 20, 2017
Time: 18:00-20:00
Location: Amsterdam Central Station

If you can't make it I will let you know on facebook afterwards!

We will have free music give-aways and a chance for chatting in between sets. Love to be connected in real life too!

So mark your calendar for this FREE performance of "NOISE vs SILENCE" brought to you by Jyoti Verhoeff. Sponsored by Friendly Folk Records, My Music Matters-MT and courtesy of NS.NL train stations!

LOVE Jyoti