Super Moontastic Sale

Dear friends and fans,

Today, Monday, November 14th, there is a full moon. This time it's not a regular full moon, but a super moon! It is the largest super moon for 60 years and only in 2034 we will again see such a large super moon as this Monday.

Because our album "Riven: Full Moon - Dark Moon" is about the moon and its profound forces, we found this super moon and the upcoming holiday season a good opportunity for a Super Moontastic Sale:

When you order our CDs Riven or Phoenix from our webshop between November 14 and December 18, you will get 15% off, and we’ll also add something extra to your order.
It’s also now possible to buy an autographed CD.

Nice as a gift under the tree or in the shoe (for those of you celebrating Sinterklaas). Or maybe to surprise a friend. Or just as a gift for yourself ...


If you want to admire the super moon, look outside today (Monday) after sunset. The visual impact will be wonderful; provided of course that the clouds do not throw a spanner in the works.

Much love,