Music video Crack Like Lovers

It always has been one of my dreams that Frits de Beer would create a music video.
And so he did with Crack Like Lovers, it was an amazing process in which so many beautiful people were so passionate involved to realize this little fairytale.

Frits asked me: "What is Crack Like Lovers about?"
And when I told him I thought: "Isn't that impossible to shoot?"
But his creativity appeared to be endless and extraordinarily inspiring and after some brainstorming everything seemed possible.

A failrytale about dark and light, balance and unity
Full of symbolic meaning
The earth, the world, the people, letting go and coming together
Dancers in the water, feeling
Shadow dancers, our subconscious or suppressed strength.
The carriage, the world and the pain that we carry
The psychological heritage of belief structures that we received in our upbringing
Horse and rider, movement, change, and courage
Owl, intuitive wisdom
Skeleton symbolizing the awareness of life and death, death and aliveness
Man and woman, the God and Goddess inside
Nudity symbolizing the Purity and Unity of Everything

This video failrytale was made possible with the relentless effort of some great people and animals and I'd like to thank them all again:

The owl in the video: a real owl-actress called Milou. She lives with a great team of people:
Oehoezone and Birdlive

Or the nude people, where would you find these? Well, through Lon Sophie. Thank you Esmee Polling and Dennis van der Heyden for doing this for us!

The beautiful shadow dancers, so magical, Mena Leila, Kismet & Oriental Dance: thank you!

All the people who pushed the heavy carriage through the soft sand all day to get these amazing images: you were great!

Thanks also to Bram Boerkoel for helping me build the carriage.

And of course also the crew behind the scenes: the runners, the horses, catering, cameraman, the divers for saving my life during the underwater shoot, Frits for the many hours of editing after this day shooting in the forest. In short: a super team! Thank you all for your incredible effort into making this music video a reality. I loved hanging around with you all in the forest that day!




Frits de Beer: Regie, DOP en edit
Joel Schilder: Camera (dank aan Joost Kelderman )

Bas Strunk, runner en vriend
Joeri Dijkman, helper/ chauffeur
Tom Feenstra, helper/chauffeur
Reinout de bruyn, catering
Roberto Ninarello
Set fotografie Iris Ringeling

Acteurs en spelers;
Jyoti Verhoeff
Esmee Polling
Lon Sophie
Dennis van der Heyden
Hanna van Gorcum
Maya Fridman
Annabel de Beer
Anouk van der Laan
Kismet & Mena Leila Oriental Dance
Bazargan Petra Bos
OehoeZone & Birdlive

Dank aan:
Zwembad Leeghwaterbad Freek Eshuis
Duikvereniging Aqua-fun, Purmerend
Staatsbosbeheer Schoorl
Vincent van der Veen, licht
Bram Boerkoel