Teaser new album

We are very happy that we can let you hear and see a little bit of our upcoming new double album. We hope you enjoy it!

"RIVEN | Full Moon - Dark Moon"

The balance between dark and light, day and night, the in and out of our breathing. All opposites, but still inseparable. A balance long forgotten...

''Before light and darkness split,
we were once one.
But while the wind aged, we forgot...
Energy became humanity,
humanity became insanity
And man became blinded by the light
and chased away its own shadow.
Shields were riven, one world after another.
Then a prophecy was born in the arms of evenfall.
From here the wind carried the rumors
of an inevitable reunion.''

Visit WWW.FULLMOONDARKMOON.NL for the video teaser, more information and you can pre-order the album there.


Photo: Ruben Snitslaar
Artwork: Fieke van den Hurk