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Each of the ten tracks on the new album, 'The Sky of You', by Jyoti Verhoeff show her inner reflections upon the current global situation. Poetically trying to find meaning, love, and shelter in the power of the deep pathways of nature that run through our bodies, while the world is rushing to follow the artificial intuition of technology. 'Vision' first track and single from the album, was inspired by the images of 'Elements', by Gerard Boymans and Jyoti had this to say about its creation: "Sadly there are religious, political, cultural and personal conditionings and beliefs which are producing harm instead of pure love. For me, the music of 'Vision' combined with the images of 'Elements', symbolizes a deep purification from the acts that are destroying our natural world in the name of power, progress and evolution."

'The Sky Of You' includes collaborations with artists from a diverse range of genres.Despite the fact that these times make contact difficult and we have to keep our distance from each other, Jyoti was able to experienced love and connection through musical collaborations.These times ask for creative solutions and 'The Sky Of You' brought many beautiful talented artists together even though they were based in different countries.

For Jyoti it was an honor beyond words to work with guest-artists such as: Kalin Yordanov, The Wong Janice, Meidi Goh,  Henk Phillemon Bol, Philip Xander Steenbergen, Erwin Tuijl, Karwan Hamid Haraq and Fraukje Ramona Weishaupt. The result is a mesmerizing mixture of sounds, shifting from Jyoti's trademark of dark ambient folk to an unexpected neo-classic progressive rock vibe, underscored with cinematic style. 'The Sky of You' was mastered at Abbey Roads Studios by Alex Gordon with June/2021 release on OOB Records





Guest musicians per track

The Wong Janice
Cello (2,3,4,5,6)

Kalin Yordanov
Vocals (4,5,7,9)

Philip Xander Steenbergen
Acoustic Guitar (4,5), E-Bowed Acoustic Guitar (4), Darbuka (10), Frame Drum (10), Hihat (10), Various Percussion (10)

Erwin Tuijl
Tape loops (4), Effects (4), Therevox (4,10), Electronic Drums and Percussion (7), Celesta (10), Vocals (10)

Fraukje Ramona Weishaupt
Bass Clarinet (1,3)

Henk Philhelmon Bol
Percussion (4)

Meidi Goh
Viola da Gamba (8)

Karwan Hamid Haraq
Duduk, Outro Vocals (9)

Production Credits

All songs written and composed by Jyoti Verhoeff
Produced and mixed by Jyoti Verhoeff
Recorded at Little Chapel Studio and various locations around the world
Mastered by Alex Gordon at Abbey Road Studios

Album photography by Mirthe Beerling
Design & artwork by Sander van den Berg & Jyoti Verhoeff
Management & Promotion by Kathy Keller
Label: OOB Records - Rotterdam, Netherlands

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The Sky Of You are inner reflections upon the current global situation. Poetically trying to find meaning, love, and shelter in the power of the deep pathways of nature that run through our bodies, while the world is rushing to follow the artificial intuition of technology.

If there is a species among humanity that has the desire to overcome all of its natural self with technology, then so be it, but I am not that kind of species.

This world seems to be rushing to follow the artificial sermons of science and prefers to use solely its rational capacities to navigate this universe. In an increasingly specialized and sterile way of reasoning, one may well have lost touch with "the bigger picture".

Either we blindly follow the artificial intuition of technology to overcome the nature of our being, or we overcome the cramped need to approach everything rationally and stop denying that spirit and matter are inseparable.

I wonder, can we still expect this world to be intelligent if, in this world science is not carried out in conjunction with the use of our “heart” but mostly out of greed, power, selfishness, plain curiosity and so called evolution?
A world that beliefs that the mystery merely indicates a lack of knowledge and where wisdom is no more then a trend, is a world that has lost the core of its existence.
Despite all the comforts this world offers it is not difficult to see that this current world runs straight against the majestic symphony of the core of our being.
In a constantly performance-driven world where time and freedom is money, it's easy to forget or to consider our daily, weekly monthly and annual human tides, the basic rhythm of our existence.

It is not necessarily a brilliant thing that we allow technology so deeply into our lives. It’s clearly proven technology is not solely a good thing. It can certainly make our lives easier and more comfortable, but it can also alienate us from our own nature and being human.
Shouldn’t this be one of the most important topics of our time, in order to make conscious decisions that determine the future, our future? It can't be the case that we just invisibly pass by this crucial point in our history right and slide gently into a new technological era……?

Letting the technology penetrate literally daily into our cells without questioning, would be beyond extremely stupid.  Just as stupid to believe that scientists and those who fund it only work with the best interest and motivation to generate more love on this planet.

The Sky Of You wants to emphasize an important rich emotional world and seeks safety in the deep connections we have with nature and with each other. Wishes only to empower to MOVE TOWARDs A WORLD WHERE WE LIVE IN HARMONY with nature and each other. Protecting and utterly loving our natural world, the roots and nature of our being.
Strengthening and remembering us a place inside us that connects us through blood and water, through air and light, through time and space and along the ages.