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Phoenix is the first cd created by Jyoti Verhoeff, recorded at Studio Zeezicht and released at the Melkweg Theatre in Amsterdam in November 2012. This was also the year that Jyoti and Maya met and they have formed an inseparable duo ever since. Out of their magical connection Phoenix arose. This cd contains 6 mesmerizing songs where two musicians play like one. With their instruments and voices they lure you into the depth...



Jyoti Verhoeff: piano, vocals
Maya Fridman: cello, backing vocals

All songs written & produced by Jyoti Verhoeff
Arrangements by Jyoti Verhoeff & Maya Fridman
Recorded by Bart Wagemakers at Studio Zeezicht
Mixed by Ton Nieuwenhuizen
Mastered by Sander van der Heide
Photography and artwork by Sander van den Berg, Yana Kovtun & Jyoti Verhoeff

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Part 1

How to describe a miracle, when every word has the intention to destroy itself? It was so rainy and crowded with confused shadows of the one reality we all accepted. I was ready to take on all the pain of the world to hide from my emptiness. Somehow I was aware that I was searching for you. The moment I could recognize your kiss was so unpredictable, that I closed my eyes and everything became empty, with the sky full of stars. There I saw you, drinking from the red horizons. You showed me all your faces, possible and impossible, always ready to jump back into your immortality. You embraced me with your tail for I couldn't yet come closer. You splashed me with sounds of recognition from your chalice. Then, I saw myself in a black dress, proudly pacing through the infinite streets leaving yellow flowers. It was the beginning of our celebration.

Part 2

I saw a Queen coming, on the huge ship surrounded by slaves. Waiting for her order, avoiding to be noticed by the shadow of king, I made the water still and the wind was obedient to my greatest wish. She knew it was me who set her free on that hot ancient land of prisoners. Passionately, I wrote her signs on the burning sand and when I was finished her scream awoke the king from his slumber. Meaningless to her were all kind and evil games, for her presence allowed death to sleep at her feet. She was smiling while the wind caressed her face, for she knew what was coming.

Part 3

I was standing, untouched and cold, between two pillars as if it was like this from the beginning,  before names were given and your name meant everything. I felt enormous joy when you came and, with your nails, you broke all these manifold covers I was wrapped in. I became empty with the sky full of stars. I saw your hair of fire and your eyes containing all kind of forests.
When we had gotten already so close that we could name each other, we started to play how it had always been, bringing sounds back to their essence. Then a time came where there were no light and darkness anymore.

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